Testimonial From Nick

25th February 2010.

The key differences between Dr Martinick’s procedure and my two previous procedures (both with different doctors) were:

1. All the staff were incredibly professional and friendly, something which I have never experienced before.
2. The procedure was performed in a very gentle, delicate and sensitive manner, paying great attention to detail, while my last operation was the complete opposite.
3. Dr Martinick was present and working throughout the entire procedure, while the doctor on my first operation was only present for a few minutes at the beginning and end.
4. Great care was taken post-op to minimize pain and eliminate chances of infection.
5. Both the pre and post-op instruction sheets were very detailed and clearly indicated what to do (and not to do) in the weeks surrounding the procedure. Previous doctors had less detail in their instruction sheets.

All in all, Dr Martinick and her staff viewed the entire process as important (pre-op, op and post-op) which I believe to be a more holistic and comprehensive approach to the transplant procedure. In my opinion, this is definitely the best approach as it takes into consideration the many different factors which could influence the outcome.

My previous doctors had a more superficial view, i.e. they mainly focused on the procedure itself, resulting in inadequate pre-op and post-op care. Even the way in which they carried out the procedure lacked attention to detail. It reflects an ‘assembly-line’ mentality which focuses more on quantity and less on quality, which led to a poor result (on both previous occasions). 

Paying careful attention to minute details is what distinguished Dr Martinick and her staff from my two previous procedures. It was a pleasure to be treated in such a professional and friendly manner.

Yours sincerely,


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