Within a few years of finishing her Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) at Royal Hobart Hospital, Dr Martinick worked as a country doctor for remote mining communities in the north of Western Australia.

This invaluable medical role gave Dr Martinick the experience, insight and compassion which helped shaped her approach to the chosen field of hair restoration – a field in which she has now dedicated over 20 years of her professional life.

Her initial interest in hair transplantation was awakened in the early 1980s and she travelled to the United States to study under leading physicians in the field.

Soon after, Dr Martinick began thinking of how hair transplantation could be more successful if it mimicked nature and since the early 1990s she has dedicated a major part of her professional activities to researching, developing and refining undetectable hair restoration techniques.

Dr Martinick was the first Australian and first woman to receive the highest honour in the field, being awarded the ISHRS Platinum Follicle Award in New York, 2003.

Dr Martinick continues to practice and enhance the “Gold Standard” in hair transplantation and in September 2011, was appointed President of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.

This role will see Dr Martinick access and deliver the latest global information and technology associated with the hair loss industry.

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