Martinick Technique™

Outcome Optimization

The Martinick Technique™ relates to specific methods and practices developed and performed by Dr Jennifer Martinick. It is unique in that it incorporates a large degree of meticulous planning, preparation and continuous feedback into all stages/aspects of each hair transplant procedure.

Due to hair follicles being an irreplaceable and limited resource, efficient and effective handling is imperative to ensure minimal trauma and optimum survival of grafts.

The aim and purpose of The Martinick Technique™ is to standardize, systematize and simplify the hair transplant procedure in order to produce more consistent and predictable outcomes whilst minimizing trauma and increasing graft survival.

The optimum benefits of The Martinick Technique™ include:

  • Minimizes trauma

    Dr Martinick & Technicians

  • Minimizes handling
  • Increases graft survival
  • Improves predictability of outcomes
  • Less complications and side effects
  • Less scarring
  • Better growth
  • More natural results
  • Less patient discomfort
  • Less staff discomfort
  • Quicker recovery/less downtime
  • Less bleeding
  • Reduces risk of toxicity
  • Creates an overall positive experience for patient and staff


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